Cast and CharactersEdit

Main CastEdit

Supporting CastEdit

  • Ronaldo Valdez as Maximo Salazar
  • Tirso Cruz III as Gov. Eduardo Hidalgo
  • Cherie Gil as Miranda Salazar-Hidalgo
  • Cherry Pie Picache as Elena Severino
  • Angel Aquino as Rebecca Miravelez
  • John Estrada as Gonzalo Miravelez

Extended CastEdit

  • Daria Ramirez as Trinidad Severino
  • Ronnie Lazaro as Pacquito
  • Spanky Manikan as Damian Severino
  • Meryll Soriano as Guadalupe "Lupe" Roque
  • Lester Llansang as Calixto de la Cruz
  • Simon Ibarra as Romeo de la Cruz
  • Tiya Pusit as Yaya Soledad
  • Vangie Labalan as Yaya Conchita
  • John Medina as Juancho

Special ParticipationEdit

  • Zaijan Jaranilla as young Samuel Severino
  • Xyriel Manabat as young Monalisa "Mona" Roque
  • Louise Abuel as young Franco Hidalgo
  • Alyanna Angeles as young Isabelle Miravelez
  • Ella Cruz as young Guadalupe "Lupe" Roque
  • JB Agustin as young Calixto de la Cruz

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