Samuel and Gabriel were successful in saving Isabel and Andrea. For the first time in 20 years, Samuel and Isabel met personally. They were so happy that even though many things separated them from each other, they are still the result of destiny.

They were all happy that they are now a complete family. Gabriel interrupts their happiness when he said, "Kilala ko po si Franco. Hindi po siya magpapatalo kung ihiniwalay po sa kanya ang pamilya niya."

Meanwhile, Natalia is still thinking about what Gabriel said. Is it possible? Could her father be the one who blew up the ship in Salvacion?

Samuel and Gabriel prepared each other for Franco's revenge. They met at the top floor of a condominium and confronted each other. Natalia is also there, watching as they threaten each other.

Isabel was caught by Franco's men. Andrea was caught too, but she escaped with the help of Ramon and Calixto.

Samuel said, "Franco! kapag hindi ka pa rin tumigil sa mga ginagawa mo, ililibing kita kasama ni Don Maximo!" But Samuel and Gabriel were forced to drop their guns while Franco shouted, "Ang kamatayan ninyo ay ang katapusan ng laban na ito!" Gabriel tried to reach his gun but Franco got his gun first and shot Gabriel. Samuel tried to fight. And Natalia could only watch as Franco ruthlessly murders Samuel. and Natalia Realises that his Father was evil