Eduardo Hidalgo
Tirso Cruz III as Eduardo Ikaw Lamang
Date of birth October 8, 1924[1]
Date of death August 1, 1984[1] (age 59)
Gender Male
Occupation Mayor of Salvacion, Negros (1960s?)
Governor of Negros (1970s?-1984)
Relations Miranda Salazar (First wife)
Elena Hidalgo (Second wife)
Franco Hidalgo (son)
Samuel Hidalgo (biological son)
Monalisa Roque and Isabelle Miravelez (daughter-in-laws)
Show Information
Portrayed by Tirso Cruz III
First appearance Grand Pilot
Last appearance Last Words (death)
Deprived (burial)
Eduardo I. Hidalgo was the mayor of Salvacion during the 1960s and the governor of Negros from the 1970s to 1984.


Mataba si Tirso Cruz Ano


He was a fatherly figure to the Public. a spoiled enemy to Franco,


  • Tirso Cruz III was a popular actor in the 1970s.


  1. 1.0 1.1 The dates of Eduardo's birth and death are seen in his tombstone in Deprived.