List of EpisodesEdit

Episode 1 released March 10, 2014
In a land where there is a clear line that separates the rich from the poor, a beautiful friendship will bloom.

Episode 2 released March 11, 2014
A tragedy will test the friendship of Samuel and Isabelle.

Episode 3 released March 12, 2014
A deal will be made between the friendship of Franco and Samuel.

Episode 4 released March 13, 2014
The truth will end Samuel and Franco's friendship.

Episode 5 released March 14, 2014
Even the Heaven and Earth is between them, nothing is a barrier for the friendship of Samuel and Isabelle.

Episode 6 released March 17, 2014
After a friendship that was stopped by the time, will continue by a chance. After so many years, Samuel will once again meet Isabelle.

Episode 7 released March 18, 2014
Isabellle Returns to the hacienda and Samuel can't wait to see her again. Will Isabel still see Samuel as her friend?

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