Franco Hidalgo
Jake Cuenca as Franco Ikaw Lamang
Date of birth 1951
Date of death 2005
Gender Male
Occupation Waiter (former)
Mayor of Salvacion (1980s)
Governor of Negros (1984)
Senator of the Philippines (2005)
Relations Maximo Salazar (grandfather)
Eduardo Hidalgo (stepfather)
Miranda Salazar (mother)
Isabelle Miravelez (ex-wife)
Natalia Hidalgo (Daughter)
Andrea Hidalgo (Daughter)
Show Information
Portrayed by Christopher de Leon (2005 era)
Jake Cuenca (1975-1984 era)

Louise Abuel (1964 era)

First appearance Grand Pilot
Last appearance The Full Circle

Franco Salazar Hidalgo is Eduardo and Miranda's adopted child and the old supporting cast later the main antagonist of the series.


As a young men he is known to be handsome by his mother and as a child adorable by his grandfather. He is an alchoholic person from 20s-50s. He first had long hair with bangs during the 1970s era and cut it short in 1980s era which he had grown a beard too.


Franco is a dominant and greedy man. He always has a short temper and will do anything even kill a person just to achieve his goals. He is also an abusive person even hitting women such as Andrea, Rebecca, Elena, Isabelle and Tessa



As a child,he and Samuel were good childhood friends and that all changed when Samuel told the truth on who burned Gonzalo's farm ending their friendship.


Rebecca revealed about Franco's true identity, that he's Miranda's son with another man and not a true Hidalgo but Samuel is.


Isabelle and Franco

Franco with Isabelle in 1980s.

Gonzalo,Isabelle's father forcibly made her marry Franco. They both had two children, Andrea and Natalia Hidalgo. He was manipulated by his grandfather,Maximo Salazar. He pretended to be crippled and thus made Isabelle lose her trust. He does not admit that Andrea is her biological daughter. When it came to the point that Samuel and Isabelle plotted to escape from Salvacion with a ship,Franco made Isabelle choose a life changing decision. Either join him and Natalia or join Andrea and Samuel. Isabelle chose Andrea thus making Franco mad and he triggered the explosive on the ship killing hundreds even Samuel's family and then everyone was seperated and marks the beginning of Book 2.



Franco Hidalgo (circa 2005)

Franco is now a member of the Senate of the Philippines and he is running as a President for the upcoming election. He lives with her daughter Natalia and her assistant Tessa. When he met Gabriel as Natalia's boyfriend, his past is slowly coming back. He reunited with Isabelle on a party of his daughter Andrea. His dark secret was spread to the whole country about the bombing of the passenger ferrry at Salvacion and killing Samuel when he encounter him at the top on abandoned building.


He had a near death experience while he was in a car with her mother. There was a bomb planted in the car. The bomb exploded but the two of them survived the incident. As the years passed by, he kidnapped Andrea because he cannot live with Gabriel. When he and Gabriel meet on an abandoned ship, they fight until he fell down and got impaled by the ship's hook.


Samuel HIdalgo Edit

At his childhood he met Samuel with Isabelle. and Mona as his friends but at one incident at the sugarcane. they end their friendship. Years went by he returned but they still fight for Isabelle's heart. and it was tense when he Allies with Don Maximo,