"Dalhin mo ang lahat ng kayamanan mo... sa impyerno! (You will bring all of your riches... to hell!)"
— Gonzalo Miravelez to Maximo

Gonzalo Miravelez
John Estrada as Gonzalo Ikaw Lamang
Date of birth 1920s
Date of death 1984
Age 4(1964)
50s (1975)
60s (1984)
Gender Male
Occupation Landlord
Relations Rebecca Miravelez (Wife)
Isabelle Miravelez (Daughter)
Natalia Hidalgo (Granddaughter)
Andrea Hidalgo (Granddaughter)
Show Information
Portrayed by John Estrada
First appearance Episode 1
Last appearance Episode 110

Gonzalo Miraveles is Isabelle's father and Rebecca's husband. He is a landlord, who was the former secondary antagonist in the series..






He was the Enemy of Samuel After they gave poor


Gonzalo secretly betrays Franco's camp during the election. Maximo began having suspicions about him, and eventually, his betrayal of Franco and Maximo was discovered. Maximo has his men capture Gonzalo, who was tortured and nearly killed. However, Gonzalo escapes Maximo's men and returns home to recover from his wounds.

Maximo attempts to escape arrest by faking his death. However, Gonzalo intercepts his convoy and takes him deep into the forest. Gonzalo buries Maximo alive along with his gold and a poisonous snake.


During the sinking of the ship, Gonzalo was punched by a stranger at his stomach and fells off the ground loosing his consciousness. It's too late for him to get up, he and Rebecca died together. Their body was no where to found.