Guadalupe Roque
Also known as Lupe
Date of birth 1952
Age 12 (1964)
23 (1975)
32 (1984)
Gender Female
Occupation Sugarcane farmer (former)
Relations Monalisa Roque (Sister)
Calixto de la Cruz (Husband)
Samuel Hidalgo (Brother-in-Law)
Gabriel Hidalgo (Nephew)
Darlene de la Cruz (Daughter)
Show Information
Portrayed by Rio Locsin (2005 era)
Meryll Soriano (1975-1984 era)
Ella Cruz (Young)
First appearance Grand Pilot
Last appearance The Full Circle

Guadalupe Roque-de la Cruz or Lupe is Mona's sister and Calixto's wife.



Lupe was a very cheerful person then. She did not matter of the hardships she and her sister, Mona, faced instead of facing problems. She was then a problem-solver to Mona when she became jealous every time her sister spots Samuel courting Isabelle.

Her characteristics changed since Mona died from the hands of the power of the Salazars. She became very anxious when she sees danger. This characteristic of Lupe continued as they transfered to Manila.






After the incident at Salvacion, which killed most of her family, she and her husband, Calixto, decided her family, with her sister, Mona, and Samuel's son, Gabriel, to transfer to Manila to avoid from the cruelty of Franco.

Lupe became a seamstress of their neighborhood.


  • This is Ella Cruz's second role to play as a forest girl. First was in Shake Rattle and Roll 14 where she play the role of a blind girl.
  • Rio Locsin was rumored to play as Isabelle of the 2005 era. This rumor spread before Amy Austria joined the crew.

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