Metro Manila, Philippines is a non-fiction region in the Philippines wherein the events of Ikaw Lamang Book 2 was mainly set.

List of Places (fictional)Edit

Severino houseEdit

This kind of Severino house is a two storey wooden house in which Samuel Hidalgo, Monalisa Roque, Gabriel Hidalgo, Calixto de la Cruz and Guadalupe Roque were occupants. It was seen from 1978-1984. It is unknown who owns the house now during the 2005 era.


Samuel and Mona went to this school to finish college]]

Hidalgo Mansion (Current)Edit

The Hidalgo Mansion in 2005 is quite bigger than the one in Salvacion and uses a modern zen design. Franco Hidalgo, Natalia Hidalgo, Tessa and Cindy are occupants of this house.

Sanggalang House/Key to Your Heart shopEdit

This house is just a normal two storey house. It is rented by a landlady named Ruby, which is not owned by the Sanggalangs directly. No one lives in this house anymore.

Dela Cruz houseEdit

This house is like the Sangalan House, except that it's bigger. The house was now burned by one of Franco's minions.

Gabriel's Condominium UnitEdit

It is unknown whether this condominium is owned by Gabriel directly or he just goes inside it.

List of Places (non-fictional)Edit

Ninoy Aquino International AirportEdit