Maximo Salazar
Ronaldo Valdez as Maximo Ikaw Lamang
Date of death 1984
Age 50s (1964)
60s (1974)
70s (1984)
Gender Male
Occupation Mayor of Salvacion (former)
Relations Miranda Salazar (Daughter)
Franco Hidalgo (Grandson)
Isabelle Miravelez (Granddaughter-in-Law)
Show Information
Portrayed by Ronaldo Valdez
First appearance Grand Pilot
Last appearance Payback
Maximo Salazar is the father of Miranda Salazar and the grandfather of Franco Hidalgo. He is the secondary antagonist of the series.



History HEEdit





Maximo's escape from jail was succesful. Isabelle found the letter that Maximo sent to Franco that tells him that his faked his death. During the escape, he secretly hide himself inside a coffin at the hearse. Gonzalo and Pacquito suddenly arrived at the highway and robbed the hearse. They take out the coffin which Maximo is inside. They found Maximo and they buried him alive with all of his wealth and 3 poisonous snakes.


  • Maximo's grave has a quote "Justitia Servierunt" which translate into english as "Justice is serve".

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