Miranda Salazar
Date of birth 16 August 1933
Date of death 8 June 1979
Age 45 (at time of death)
Gender Female
Occupation Mayor of Salvacion (former)
Relations Eduardo Hidalgo (husband)
Franco Hidalgo (son)
Isabelle Miravelez (daughter-in-law)
Maximo Salazar (father)
Show Information
Portrayed by Cherie Gil
First appearance Episode 1
Last appearance Episode 68

Doña Miranda Salazar is the mother of the only child Franco Hidalgo, daughter of Don Maximo Salazar and wife of the Mayor of Salvacion Don Eduardo Hidalgo. She is one of the major characters in Book One of the series.


The Doña is tall and slim. She is fashion conscious. She loves to wear exquisite jewelry that is always perfectly matched with her make-up, clothing and accessories. Because she's mostly dealing with her husband's allies and guests, she constantly wears fine clothing that were tailor-made just for her. All of her clothes were worn only once. black updo hair later curly short.


Doña Miranda is a perfectionist to everything; from her clothes down to even the single bit of dinnerware in her house. To her, everything should be perfect. She feels very superior towards others and doesn't deal with the poor because to her they are filthy in her eyes. She doesn't care about the welfare of the laborers who worked long hours for them. She is also a doting mother to Franco, her only son. Even if Franco has made mistakes, be it small or big, she constantly defended him from the allegations and suspicions thrown at him. She constantly seeks confidence from her father Don Maximo whom she shared the same personality and evilness, but at the same time she is doubtful of this trust she had to give him and feels insecure. Miranda is sharp-tongued and is fearless when she speaks she mind. Because of this, she is brutally frank towards others, especially when things didn't go her way. She is most especially evil towards the family of Samuel, and directed big of this hatred to Samuel's mother due to a long history of relationship that her husband Don Eduardo and Elena Severino had in the past. She became even more evil when she found out that Samuel was in fact the son of Don Eduardo and Elena.





During Maximo and Gonzalo's battle encounter, Miranda got separated from her father and escaped for safety deep in the forest. Maximo hurried to look for his daughter Miranda while also defending himself from Gonzalo and his allies. Miranda hid among the trees while trying to look for her father. Her movements behind the leaves led Maximo to mistaken them for Gonzalo and fired his gun. Miranda was shot from behind and the bullet went from the back and through her chest. Maximo found her daughter Miranda wounded. Long after Maximo apologized to her for firing his gun and mistook her for another person, Miranda died in her father's arms.


  • The reason why Cherie Gil exits because of her relative's graduation at the US.
  • There was a time that Cherie Gil walks out in the set of Ikaw Lamang.
  • Miranda is the first character in Ikaw Lamang who was killed.