Roger Sangalang
Date of birth 1964
Age 20s
Gender Male
Relations Andrea Hidalgo (adopted daughter)
Esther Sangalang (wife)
Show Information
Portrayed by Smokey Manaloto (2005 era)

Neil Coleta (1984 era)

First appearance Episode 110

Roger Sangalang is Andrea's adoptive father in the second book of Ikaw Lamang.





After the explosion of the ferry, Roger and her wife Esther found Andrea and they renamed her Jacqueline Sanglaan. They decided to take care Andrea during her mother's absence.


Roger and Esther together with Andrea lives in a rent house.


  • Roger, together with Esther and Andrea are the first characters in the series who are humurous.
  • Roger & his Wife; Esther lost her Daughter named Jacqueline, dying Elena handed Andrea to Roger & Esther so, she didn't give them Andrea's name so, they renamed Jacqueline was named after their decreased Daughter.

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