The Full Circle was the Final episode of the IKAW LAMANG.


Franco thought Gabriel got killed after the bomb that the former hid in the factory exploded. He and Andrea go to the yacht that will get his family out of the Philippines. But surprisingly, Gabriel is still alive.

Meanwhile, Isabel is going to Franco to save Andrea. Natalia follows her into a house and they are surprised by Tessa. She defies Franco for the first time because she doesn't want anything get into her and Franco. She decided to kill them both but they eventually fight over the gun.

Gabriel follows Franco to the yacht. He texts Calixto to bring him some backup when he faces Franco. Calixto, Lupe, Roger, Esther, Mark and Roman were glad that Gabriel is still alive.

Franco caught Gabriel trying to save Andrea and has him tied and beaten up. But before Franco was going to Kill Gabriel, he jumps out of the ship and into the water. Franco's men fire bullets into the water but Gabriel manages to untie himself instead, Lupe prays for her adopted son's safety.

Isabel grabs Tessa's gun, saying "Ngayon, unahin kaya natin ang desperadang kabit?!" Mark and Roman just arrive in time before Isabel could pull the trigger. They tell Isabel and Andrea that Gabriel is still alive, fighting with Franco. Isabel and Natalia are glad with this news.

Gabriel found Andrea. He tells her, "Jacq, tumakas ka na. Iwanan mo na ako. Kailangan mong iligtas ang sarili mo. May kailangan akong tapusin dito." Andrea doesn't want Gabriel to die but Gabriel told her he's going to be fine. Gabriel fights his way through Franco's men and confronts him while Calixto and the police are still searching for them because there are so many yachts.

Gabriel engages Franco in a fistfight after the gun runs out of bullets and they both fall off the ship. Luckily for Gabriel, he was able to grab hold of the yacht's bars. Franco meets his fatal end as he gets pierced by the ship's anchor.

Calixto and Andrea find Gabriel. Gabriel was so happy because he finished his goal. He was able to give justice to his parent's deaths and the sufferings of Franco's family under him. Natalia and Isabel mourn Franco's death.

Gabriel marries Andrea. He and Andrea continued Samuel and Isabel's love that was separated many times because of Franco, Mona, Gonzalo and Maximo. In the final scene, they are in Salvacion reviewing all the places where Samuel and Isabel grew up. It is also implied that Gabriel regains the wealth in Salvacion that Franco took away from his family as his wife Andrea is one of Franco's heirs,